Role of The Board of Directors (Chatham-Kent Cyclones AAA Hockey Association)


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Role of The Board of Directors


Accountable to the members of the organization by creating and supporting an ethical and legally compliant environment and by ensuring that the needs of the members are being satisfied in a manner that is consistent with Minor hockey.

Ensure that all premises are well maintained, safe and appropriate for the members and staff.

Maintain a good understanding of overall organization operations, including personnel.


Determine and/or approve organization policies.

Ensure that the organization exercises its right to vote on all association, group, shareholder, etc entities that it has a vote on.

Approve by-laws amendments and proposals for presentation to the members.

Ensure that the board is a good governing body with the necessary skills and experience.

Monitor and evaluate board performance.

Provide all board members with guidelines  regarding  conflict  of interest, ethics, confidentiality, responsibilities and expectations.

Board member recruitment.

Orientation for new board members.

Education for new board members.

Elect a chair who knows the board and organization well, has the required available time and understands the skills and experience needed to serve on the board and conduct meetings.

Obtain outside advice when required.


Selection/compensation/evaluation/monitoring and termination of the President.

Clearly define the role, responsibilities and boundaries of the President.


Regularly monitor financial results and regulatory and statutory requirements.

Review financial goals and performance.

Approve annual budget.